Friendships Pushed Aside, As Bragging Rights Go On The Line In Annual Residence Cup.

Friendships Pushed Aside, As Bragging Rights Go On The Line In Annual Residence Cup.

It’s one of the great traditions on the Charles Sturt University (Bathurst) calendar, and on Saturday, the sports men and women of the Halls of Residence will once again do battle in the Mitchell Residence Cup.

Self-Catered Residences have had the upper-hand so far this decade, with Diggings having claimed victory for the last five years in succession, and that’s a dominant winning streak that their opposition will be desperate to break this weekend.

You have to go back to 2009, to find the last time that Diggings didn’t lift the trophy… On that day, October 24, 2009, JOV claimed a historic victory, and a clean-sweep to boot. 6 games, 3 each in Rugby League and Netball, and 6 victories, including the all important wins over arch-rivals, Towers.

Since then, Res Cup has been played in September, and Diggings has been the powerhouse of that one day in September.

The big matches of the day are often the derbies between the Catered (JOV and Towers), and non-catered (Diggings and Chifley) residences, which are specifically scheduled as the last fixtures of the day, however, in recent times, the Round 1 games between Towers and Diggings, and the Round 2 match-up between Diggings and JOV have also triggered a lot of interest, as the rivalries between the residences have intensified, and given Diggings dominance of the last five years, so much more importance has been placed on those early matches, as it can make or break a Res Cup campaign, and have a big impact on the final placings at the end of the day.

In the recent Headspace Cup, the Diggings League team smashed their self-catered rivals, Chifley Halls, proving yet again, that they’ll be the team to beat on September 26.

Extensive pre-event training as a team, for both the League and Netball outfits, is believed to be one of the main reasons behind the Dinosaurs dominance of the last half-decade, and it’s no secret, that because of that, the competitive nature of Res Cup has become a lot more serious then it once was.

Long time last-place finishers, the Chifley Cauliflowers, will be out to show that they’re a force to be reckoned with in 2015… Sadly, they lost all six games they played in 2014, but this is the residence that finished that finished in 2nd place in both 2012 and 2013, on what proved to be very dark times for the once dominant catered residences. Towers enjoyed last place honours in 2013, and in 2012, that title went to JOV.

Dean Hodges will lead from the front for the Cauliflowers League side – a 26-man squad if you don’t mind – which should allow the Chifley team to have some fresh legs at the back end of the day.
The Netball side will be captained by Zoe Basham, who along with Gabby Johnson, Jade Hayward, Rumah Prendy and Laura Evans, return to the court for the second year in succession.

Towers can never be under-estimated. They play a tough, brutal game on both the Footy Field, and the Netball Court. They improved from their wooden-spoon position in 2013, to be third overall at the end of the days play in 2014.

JOV last won Res Cup in 2009, and they did it emphatically, claiming a clean-sweep, and as good as Diggings has been over the past 5 years, they are yet to claim one of them.

JOV’s Netball side has been the better of the two in recent years, having won all three games they played in 2014. The big loss to the green residence last year was Melanie Kastelein, but McWhirter, Comb and Menzies among others, lifted to give JOV a perfect record on the Netball court.
This year, they’re without Comb and McWhirter, but Heather Morton returns to the court, alongside Izzy Wright, Captain and Head Resident, Bec Jones, and also Steph Birk, and that’s a formidable line-up of talent, which will again make JOV hard to beat on the Netball court.

The League team has lost out to Towers in that vital last match for the past two years in succession, and they’ll be looking to turn that around in 2015,
They defeated Chifley last year, but lost convincingly to both Diggings and Towers – the lost to Diggings all but ensured that the Dinosaurs would lift the Cup again.

It’s one of the great days on the Sports calendar, and for the first time since 2012, it doesn’t clash with the AFL Grand Final, which should ensure a better attendance from the residents and students of Charles Sturt University than in recent years.

Speaking of attendance, don’t be surprised with the presence of former residents and students of CSU on Saturday… this is one of the great occasions, where past and present members of the CSU Alumni come together to cheer their team to victory, all adding to what is a sensational atmosphere, as those in attendance enjoy the excitement and drama that the Residence Cup delivers.

For all the great drama, and brutal contests we see on the field, Res Cup is also well known for the chanting, and friendly sledging between residences off the field, which is always a highlight, and 2015 will be no exception.

Action starts at 9am on Saturday Morning. The contest is a round-robin competition on both the Rugby League field and the Netball Court.
League matches will be played over two 20-minute halves, while Netball will be divided into four 10-minute quarters.
Netball will start the day at 9am, with each rounds matches being played simultaneously on the two courts at CSU, with the League matches commencing from 10am, and played back-to-back on the University’s Rugby Union field.

Admission is free. There will be canteen facilities available, and fundraising will take place in a bid to raise money for Headspace.
Spectators can BYO, but no glass is permitted on sight.

Zak Sports will provide updates through our Facebook Page right throughout the day on Saturday, as Diggings go about extending their record run of dominance and re-write history, while the other three teams will be looking to end the Diggings Dynasty, and make some history of their own.

Netball Draw Fixture Time
Game 1 Diggings v Towers 9am
Game 2 JOV v Chifley 9am
Game 3 JOV v Diggings 11:35am
Game 4 Towers v Chifley 11:35am
Game 5 Diggings v Chifley 2:20pm
Game 6 JOV v Towers 2:20pm


Rugby League Draw Fixture Time
Game 1 Diggings v Towers 10am
Game 2 JOV v Chifley 10:45am
Game 3 Towers v Chifley 12:45pm
Game 4 JOV v Diggings 1:30pm
Game 5 Diggings v Chifley 3:20pm
Game 6 JOV v Towers 4:05pm

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