Challenging Opening Day at the Office for Holihan

Challenging Opening Day at the Office for Holihan

10502242_1746409965595266_5431523602502575639_nA field of 54 cars was always going to present some challenges for Sydney racer Daniel Holihan, as he took to the grid during the 27th Annual Classic Festival of Motorsport at Phillip Island.

Given his inexperience in big fields like this, you would’ve thought Holihan would shy away from the challenge, but on the contrary, it was one he enjoyed.

Holihan qualified 28th outright, which was 22nd in his class. Daniel’s running in Class FC as he did at Wakefield Park a fortnight ago, and is up against 24 other drivers in the battle for Class FC honours this weekend.

Holihan had issues in the opening session of the weekend – he complained of getting balked in the session, but he also had mechanical dramas with no third gear in use. which made achieving his goal of qualifying 15th unreachable in the end.

Race 1 was uneventful for Holihan. The race was scheduled for five laps, but shortened to three due to time constraints. Holihan got stuck in the mid-pack, and would run a clean race to finish 27th outright (19th in Class).

12821352_10153593103657736_7109097006747718776_nGiven the fast flowing nature of the Phillip Island circuit, pack racing is inevitable, and at the end of the day, Holihan took to social media to explain that getting to the front of a pack, the field had spread out to the point where you wouldn’t catch the next pack up the road in the time remaining in the race. He also admitted that Qualifying was a vital part of the weekend because of the size of the field, the shortness of the races and the pack racing element – stating that he didn’t qualify as well as he had hoped.

He remained positive, looking at the bigger picture and treating this as the learning experience it is, knowing full well that there are still four races to go in the weekend, and anything is possible, while also admitting that you can’t have a good run every time you hit the circuit.

When speaking to Zak Sports, Holihan said: “We haven’t got off to the best of starts here. The car has been struggling in high gear, and doesn’t rev out the way it should. I think I can squeeze more out of the car during the next few days. During race one I was still trying to get use to the circuit, but we only had a 3-lap race, so I wasn’t able find my rhythm.”

Races 2 and 3 follow tomorrow, with the final two races to be contested on Sunday.



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